Looking for Pebble Finish pool replastering?

Any Color of Choice

Plenty colors to chose from.

Pebble your Spa!

If your pool includes a Spa $1050 for replaster.

Pool Tile

Up to 120 lineal feet waterline tile $1200

Looking for <span>Pebble Finish</span> pool replastering?
Complete Re-plumbing

New Skimmer, 2 suctions, 3 returns and 1 vacuum line. $2800

New Pool Light

$425 Basic Installation

Acid Wash

Acidwash is included with this service.

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Complete Swimming Pool Remodeling ?

Pool Preparation

Pool Strip, Clean Up and Bond Kote preparation.

Save Existing Tile

In case of not replacing the old pool tile.

Standar White Re-plaster

Fitting and drain covers are included.

Complete Swimming <span>Pool</span> Remodeling ?
Pool Plaster Color?

Any grey scale(light, medium or dark) color for $400.00 extra. Blue Color $800.00 (light or medium)

New Pool Tile?

Up to 120 lineal feet of any Category I or II pool tile(waterline). $1,200.00

New Pool Light?

New Amerlite Pool Light (Standard Installation to existing Junction Box) $425